Why another framework?


Write a new framework maybe sounds like reinventing the wheel. But, imagine a world with nobody reinventing the wheel, the actual airplanes will be landing with wood wheels?, what about the different kinds of tires? for snow, for hot pavement, for raining days, etc. so, thank you “wheel reinventors”!.

Yes, writing a new framework is reinventing the wheel, and reinventing the wheel is good. For sure you will not be using a tire for snow in the hot pavement, and the same logic apply to software tools and specifically to frameworks. At the place I work, our project manager have a simple solution, “use Drupal”. And I don’t think Drupal is a bad tool, but for some projects is like using an airplane tire for your car, and in other projects is like using a bicycle tire for a hummer. Actually he accept to use Tlalokes framework for an internal application instead of Drupal, and Tlalokes is doing it’s work nice.

I will not expend time writing about others frameworks, the developers of that frameworks simply do what think is good, that’s it, and now we have more tires, some of it are good, others not, but you are the one who use it, so make a good choose and enjoy.

Tlalokes is being developed in an effort to provide the following features:

– Time saving.
– Easy to use.
– Easy to code.
– Fast run time.
– Secure.
– Flexible.
– Extensible.

In the future posts I will define each one of this features an link them.

Basilio Briceño

DevOps evangelist, SoftwareLibre activist, sometimes speaker & eclectic metalhead.

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