Hello, my name is Basilio Briceño, here you will find stuff about me and the projects I’m involved, my thoughts, writings, pictures, photos, links, etc.

I like a lot of music, some of my favorite artists are Rush, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Ynwgie Malmsteen, among others. I like rock, jazz and all music with certain quality that I could appreciate, feel comfortable and enjoy.

I’m a BSD & GNU user. Also I’m some kind of programmer, I started with BASIC when I was a kid on my Apple IIe, and years later I started my path on the Web, writing CGIs with Perl, and later PHP, actually I consider PHP just as it is, the front-end for the back-end. I’m learning Erlang, and looks like it could become my favorite programming language.

Sometimes I participate in some conferences, talking about FLOSS, Web Programming Best Practices, High Availability, DevOps methodology & tools, and other topics. My current work it’s with Grid Dynamics at the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.